Build!IT® Desktop is a CAD-to-part inspection software that enables quick and easy dimensional verification of manufactured parts and assemblies. Build!IT®'s advanced analysis and reporting capabilities combine measurement data from multiple sources to produce detailed graphical and textual reports that are used to quickly identify manufacturing and production trends.

Import/Export from common CAD formats
CATIA® v4 & v5, UG-NX, Pro/E, Inventor, STEP, IGES, Parasolid and more.
Flawlessly reproduce repetitive processes and reduce training time and errors.
Watch the video
Object View
Easily select model objects graphically from a tree view in the object manager.
Create customizable automated reports.
Intuitive 3D Workflow
Experience real-time visual inspections through color-coded tolerancing and graphical feedback.

CAD-to-Part Graphical Inspection
  • Surface and curve deviation plotting with tolerance-based or rainbow color scales;
  • Graphical reports with user-defined call-outs or tabular reports;
  • Automatic probe radius compensation.
Geometry/Feature Evaluation
  • Geometry-based feature inspection with real-time deviation feedback;
  • Conventional dimensional-tolerance inspection;
  • Analysis tools for feature fitting to point clouds.
Model-based GD&T Inspection Watch the video
  • Model-based GD&T inspection with support for MEA, DML, and AIMS import/export;
  • Color-coded tolerance call-outs indicate pass-fail conditions on the display;
  • Use predefined measurement plans or measure closest feature to the probe.
Reporting and Annotation
  • Customizable tabular and graphical reports in PDF and Excel formats;
  • Measure distances, angles and deviations directly on the model;
  • Graphical call-outs for points, curves and surface deviation, distances and angles;
  • Device alignment reports;
  • Geometry fit and comparison to nominal report;
  • GD&T reporting with evaluation of tolerances.
Archive Measurement Projects
  • Measurement data and details are all recorded in a single database;
  • Fully traceable measurement processes;
  • Retrieve inspection projects years later to reconstruct and understand previous work.
Laser Tracker Measurement
  • ADM and IFM-based measurement;
  • Multiple home management;
  • Routine calibration checks (backsight/two-face, closure);
  • Level (gravity) measurements;
  • On-board weather station support.
Measurement methods
  • Live measurements to the nominal CAD model surfaces, curves and points;
  • Point probing, scanning and cross-section based scanning;
  • Tooling ball, ball-bar, fit-point, circle-point, mid-point and hidden-point measurement;
  • Automated stable point triggers for hands-free operation;
  • Support for remote controls to drive interactive measurement;
  • Real-time geometric feature measurement with live feedback;
  • Trigger cross-section measurements automatically, by time or by distance;
  • Visual feedback from measure controls and digital read-outs;
  • Real-time graphical feedback during measurement shows probe location and measurements;
  • Temperature compensation for scale;
  • Fitting of Lines, Circles, Planes, Spheres, Cylinders, and Cones with complete PDF reports.
Graphical model-based tool building
  • Graphical build arrows and live digital read-outs show you how to move details into position;
  • Build to CAD geometry and tooling points in real-time;
  • As you probe the assembly see instant live deviations to point, surfaces or curves;
  • Build assemblies without hard tooling through the use of 3D build.
Alignment to Design Geometry
  • Best-fit alignments (points, surfaces and curves);
  • Datum-based alignments;
  • Device scaling due to temperature variations;
  • Multiple devices with unique alignments and leap-frogging.
Multiple Device Support
  • Combining the use of laser trackers with portable arms in a single process;
  • Quickly switch between them with a single click of a mouse.