What's New In BuildIT
Construction 2018.5

BuildIT Construction is a new Software Platform for AEC Professionals powered by FARO. As the first Complete Solution for Continuous Construction Verification, BuildIT Construction enables users to validate to design, perform dimensional evaluations and position and monitor in real-time. Below, you can find a list of improvments and added features in the latest version, 2018.5. For the full list of features and applications, please check the website.


Tank Volume computation

BuildIT Construction can compute the volume of a storage tank and create a report of the fill volume at specified height intervals. Facility managers can create accurate fill reports for their tanks.


Registration on Scan Import

Begin quality control on-site by capturing reality data with FARO Focus scanners and transfer information seamlessly to BuildIT Construction. During import of raw scan data, BuildIT Construction uses FARO SCENE’s registration algorithms to tie the data together. Drag and drop your data into BuildIT construction to start sooner – compare faster – get results quicker.


User Experience

First Person Navigation

Easily switch into a first-person navigation mode. This allows easier and more intuitive navigation. Use SHIFT + Left-Click to rotate the view or SHIFT + Right-Click to adjust your position.


Improved Rendering Performance

3D visualization performance has been improved by moving rendering to a separate thread, allowing for a better multi-threaded experience. This allows for up to double the rendering speed of previous versions.


Expanded Import and Export

BuildIT Construction can now import native BIM models, including .rvt and .ifc, with unique identifiers. Also, analyzed scan data can be exported into the E57 format for usage in other software for viewing.


Vertical Topography and Volume Computation

Perform topographical analysis and volume computation on vertical surfaces. This allows users to calculate fill volumes near foundations as well as other more advanced challenges.


Keep Large Coordinates with CAD and Scan Data

When a model is georeferenced or in world coordinates, a shift will be suggested to bring the data into the bounding box and improve responsiveness.


Portuguese Support

BuildIT Construction is now avaliable in Portuguese for use in a wider variety of countries.


For more info

For the complete list of changes, consult the release notes which are available here.

You can also visit our website for more details.